Job interviews – from the other side

Some references:

How To Tell A Job Candidate ‘No Thanks’

Rejecting Candidates: What should an employer tell a candidate who is not selected for the position?

How Do You Tell Someone They Didn’t Get The Job?

Honesty is the Best Policy: Tell Candidates Why They didn’t Get the Job

A good approach? identify an area important to the business that the selected candidate is strong in and the rejected candidate lacks. Share this as soon as the decision is made so that there in no unnecessary wait. Be polite and empathetic in the email, and be brief. This will never be a pleasant task.


Lead generation framework

Last updated 6/10/16

Growing a business = nurturing existing customers + Finding new customers

Nurturing existing customers: servicing them + getting referrals from them + motivating them to make repeat purchases + increasing AOS

Finding new customers = Generating Leads + converting them to customers.

Here I talk about the work we are doing towards Finding new customers. After some basic research we decided to go with Optinmonster (XX put ref link here).  We got this all working and went live on 5/23/16.

Let’s start with the results:

Date: 6/10/16

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 8.10.16 PM.png

so the split test is doing much better – 4.91% vs 2.67%. Sample size, >1000, looks pretty good too. I will go ahead and make the winner the primary and it will be our new baseline. The 2 versions we split tested are below. Fairly simple and boring looking with an offer for a free gift mentioned in the split test.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 8.08.40 PM
Version 1 FINAL
Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 8.09.05 PM
Highlight Offer

Capital Vs Labor – Yanis Varoufakis

Capital and labor no longer struggle against each other – his take on Open Book Management (?) to research further

10:54 At the level of the enterprise, imagine a capital market, where you earn capital as you work, and where your capital follows you from one job to another, from one company to another, and the company —whichever one you happen to work at at that time — is solely owned by those who happen to work in it at that moment. Then all income stems from capital, from profits, and the very concept of wage labor becomes obsolete. No more separation between those who own but do not work in the company and those who work but do not own the company; no more tug-of-war between capital and labor; no great gap between investment and saving; indeed, no towering twin peaks.

pInterest story

Some more research findings on pInterest:

80% women

Typical user: women, educated, mobile users, affluent

Referral traffic summary on our site (last 6 months)
. pInterest traffic is higher but FB converts higher (3% vs 0.70%)
. no conversions from mobile (need to make our presence mobile friendly)
. desktop majority/ Tablets second

Top pinned categories
. Food and drink (20%)
. DIY and crafts (12%)
. Home decor (11%) << we fall here

Boards for inspiration quotes, humor always popular

Best Time to Pin 10 am to 4pm 11pm to 1am

Top pinned domain Etsy

Good pInterest presence: Lowes, REI, Martha Steward

Best practice for re-pinnable content
. taller images/ good quality
. long text descriptions
. optimize text (think of it as a marketing channel)
. Rich pins/ Hashtags
. Group boards
. make site pInterest friendly

Further study: