Fathers Day

Found this letter from a wise father to his son on the internet.. excerpt that most appealed to me posted here

My only expectations of you are that you live a happy life, and make the most of every day. Do what you enjoy. A man who does not enjoy his work is a laborer. A man who utilizes his talents in his work is fulfilled. Don’t compare yourself to other people. If you do, you will always find greater.. and you will always find lesser. So what’s the point

I have always believed that a man’s destiny begins with his thoughts. Someone once said: “Your thoughts can become your actions. Your actions can become your habits. Your habits can become your character. And your character will become  your destiny.” So think good thoughts, and everything else will fall into place.


Nisolo Shoes


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interview with CEO Patrick Woodyard

Ted X talk

Film: True Cost Andrew Morgan

product has to compete with the best
recruitment: passion with purpose
advisors: humility, reached out to 100 people. Email list – start to add value. Going deep with a core set
challenge: alignment, cash flow
5 things we are focussed on this quarter
Objectives and Key results OKRs
people are most important, focus (cannot do it all)
READ: essentialism – george mcquen

Travel: write or photograph?

ref: For creating travel memories, Russell Banks prefers words to images

When we are dislocated, not relocated, we think new thoughts, deal with unbidden strange emotions, reflect on our past in a freshened way, from a new perspective.

Enjoyed this on PBSNewhour last night – although I feel both have their unique place (photography and writing)