Vivu update

Baby Vivu is a delight and is now excited about everything related to fire engines and firemen – he puts on his Fireman’s costume every single day​ ​and then assures​ ​everyone around to not worry as he will save them in case of a fire. He then runs around the house dowsing fires. In​ ​the mornings, he insists that I take him to​ ​his school via a​ ​circuitous route that passes a fire station, just so he can see the​ ​fire engines​ ​parked in front. He says “papa pleeeease take me from​ ​there” and when I ask him “why?” and that “we will be late for school”, he ​s​ays “because it makes me soooo…​ ​happy :)” which melts my heart and, like a fool, I spend the​ ​10 mins​ ​extra.

He’s making and losing friends very fast seems it is a phase kids go through at this stage.. I am considered to be in his friends circle. When he is loving me, he responds to my question “baby Vivu who’s papa’s favourite baby?” with a happy “Vivaaaaan”. And when he’s upset at me for any one of many random reasons, he turns around and tells me “you aren’t my friend anymore” – like this morning when I didn’t agree to continue cuddling and sleeping with him past 7am 🙂


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