What compels these over-70 filmmakers

What compels them to make a film year after year? The answer, Allen said in an earlier interview, is pure distraction from sitting at home pondering, “Gee, life is meaningless. We’re all going to die.”

“I get to get up in the morning and go into work and there’s Penelope Cruz, these beautiful women and scintillating guys — Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg,” said Allen. “So I’m distracted for the day with trivial problems.”

If for Allen filmmaking is a way to order his day-to-day life, for Eastwood, it’s a means for staying young. Age, he says, is “a mental outlook.” Maintaining interest — in moviemaking or anything else — is his secret to life.

One striking commonality between the likes of Allen, Eastwood and even Godard is that none are abundantly precious about their films. None, for example, are likely to go past take two or spend five years labouring over a project.



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