Day 15: let’s call it done

Milk intake has come down below 10oz /day. The night wars have come to and end, at least as far as drinking milk goes. He seems to be happy with few ounces of water at around 6am.

Making him aware that it’s time to sleep is easy. The routine is for us to say goodnight to everyone around and then say “it’s time to sleep now”. We head to the bedroom. He points to the crib, I ask him if he wants to sleep in it, he shakes his head to tell me “no” and then runs and climbs on to the bed. We read a few books together. After that, I run through a round of good nights from all the characters of the particular story, turn off the lights, after which he turns around and goes to sleep – which takes another 15 mins or so.

Night routine too seems to have stabilized. After he’s asleep, I put him in his crib. He sleeps peacefully till around 1am or so, and then wakes up. Either comes to my bed, or if I am downstairs watching TV, he comes outside into the corridor and makes his presence known by fake crying.

Putting him back to sleep is a simple matter of holding him for 5 mins or so. I either let him sleep in the bed or put him back into the crib, where he sleeps till 6 or 7 and then the new day begins.

The next set of projects

  • align on a bed time routine, get him to sleep quickly in his crib, and then have him sleep through the night
  • get him to start talking

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