There’s light at the end of the tunnel…

7/13 – Day 6

The strong demands for “dudu” in the night are ebbing. However I need to get him to stay in his crib.  It’s not clear why he wakes up around 3am. And then wants to come into my bed to then go to sleep.

7/14 – Day 7

I am woken up at 3am by a little boy trying to get onto the bed. He’s walked by himself to the bed this time. The toddler bed has a small opening, I imagine, just for this. No yelling this time.

Typically if someone were to wake me up at 3am I would show intense irritation, and justifiably so. This interruption however feels strangely endearing. The marvels of parenthood!

He’s on the bed now and yelling for milk. I tell him “no dudu” to which he reacts by pouting and trashing his hands on my stomach. This needs to end, so I give him the bottle with 4oz of water. He drinks it and is fast asleep! This is seeming to be more about habit  than about milk.

Pick him up from school. I give him water and a cookie.  He gulps down around 4 (water bottle) caps full of water, pours a few more on himself, polishes off the cookie and sighs contentedly. The car ride back home is *very* peaceful.

Again, doesn’t  look like it’s a milk issue – a small snack seems to do the trick as well. I  being to wonder if the “milk habit” is our own doing motivated by convenience. Isn’t taking the simpler path really the cause of all problems? 🙂

Dinner: refusing to eat. Tried for a bit and give up – feeling a little guilty feeding him pasta and salmon every day! Decide to make him a smoothie – he insists I put it (“juice”) in the shaker bottle. I make extra so I can have some too.. that doesn’t happen. He polishes off the entire thing >> put video here

7/15 – Day 8

What’s up with him waking up every day at the dot of 3am?

Dinner: not excited about having dinner.  After putting flour all over his head, took to his usual exercise of taking all the grains out of the cabinet on to the floor.

iPad app for Animal sounds. Seems to enjoy it. Took a long time ego fall asleep –  tossing and turning all over the bed. Night relatively calm

7/16 – Day 9

Woke up at around 1am and then again  – moved him to the crib once he was asleep and then he was out for the night. Looks like the problem is he isn’t able to put himself back to sleep.

Need to start working on a night time routine for him.


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