No milk – Day 2


Vivu is up, half asleep and groggily asking from milk. I wonder if it’s simply a matter of habit, or is he cold? or if he really wants milk. It’s also clear he wants to be in the bed and not in his crib. He’s got this unique way of propping himself against the crib, crying with all his might, and with his left hand finger pointing to the bed. I decide to wage one war and give in on the other. I give him water, but get him to the bed 🙂 Cuddling with him is indeed delightful. Thankfully he drinks a little of the water and goes back to sleep. I would classify this as a win-win

5 am

He’s up again but this time yelling for milk. This time I need some sleep and also have a full work day ahead, so I weigh my options. I look at him and see a determined look on his face, screams coming out of his little body, and lots of tears in his eyes. I decide to give him 6 oz of milk. He follows me down the stairs crying, which magically stops the moment I give him the milk bottle. On the way back to be bedroom he holds my finger, guides me to the bed, demands that I lie down next to him, which he does by vigorously patting the area next to him, nuzzles into my side and puts his head on my shoulder, and hands me the bottle to feed him.

I feel like the 6oz is worth it 🙂 Had someone told me a few year back that I would be enjoying all this, I wouldn’t have believed them.


The king has woken up. Diaper is a little wet but not soaked through and through. That is a welcome change, so I celebrate by hugging him tight.


On the way back from school his demands for “dudu” start. I distract him by showing him the sights along the way and soon he’s cooing looking at garbage trucks and trees. The drive back home is calm.

Once back though, he remembers that he hasn’t seen any “dudu” yet, so he jumps out of the car, runs flailing towards the lawn and flings himself on the grass. He then starts thrashing both his hands down on the lawn clearly demonstrating his displeasure. All this while making loud demands for his beloved “dudu”.

I hand him a bottle of cold water. He is confused as the bottle is big, is of stainless steel and heavy, and there is no nipple. He proceeds anyway to tear away the cap, which he throws aside with great flair, and puts the mouth of the bottle to his mouth. Water gushes out and wets his face, tshirt and shorts. He’s stunned for a bit and is not sure what just happened. The cold water has the additional benefit of cooling him down and the mad behavior subsides for a bit. Thankfully Sonia has arrived. I give her strict instructions to not give him any milk and then beat a hasty retreat 🙂


Have delayed putting him to bed as much as possible. He’s seeming a little delirious trying to put the lego pieces together. I ask him to say goodnight to the kitchen, a cue for us to head to the bedroom, and he faithfully gets up and follows me up the stairs into the bedroom. I pick up a book to read to him and steel myself for the inevitable showdown. We settle down into the bed, and I walk him through all animals of the zoo, what sounds they make, and how they are all ready to sleep now. After 15 mins of this, I tell him that it’s time for him to sleep too. I push him off me, turn off the light, and start praying. He turns around, cuddles into the pillow and starts snoring! I pinch myself to be sure this really happened, which it did, put him into his crib and get ready to eat dinner and watch an episode of Breaking bad! I think I have deserved it.

I am optimistic tomorrow morning will be his first ever dry diaper wake up! See you then.


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