Tough love begins: no milk tonight – Day 1


Decided tough love needs to start sooner than later. Like tonight! Took him upstairs and asked him to sleep in his crib. Which he promptly refused with many vigorous shakes of his head and pointing to the bed. After trying unsuccessfully to convince him, decide to be a nice dad, so took him to the bed with 4oz of fat free milk. He gulped that down and then demanded more. Telling him it’s over prompted a loud fake cry. All right I said, 4oz more and that’s it. Another trip to the fridge and another 4 oz later our pal demands more. To which I said, tough luck buddy, and held my ground.

All hell broke loose.

After screaming his head off that he wants more, he started vomiting on demand. Frantically took him off the bed into the bathroom, but not till he had made his mark on multiple places on the carpet. Kept him in the bathroom, where he continue to show his displeasure by forcing stuff out of his stomach, while I got down to cleaning the carpet.

All right so we are at war.

Put him right back into the crib and told to him gently that milk is over. Not to be consoled he keeps yelling. I can see he getting a little tired. So I leave the room and stand outside. After 10 mins or so of screaming, I hear a gentle thud and our pal walks out of the room!

He’s jumped out of the crib. I cannot believe it. I have to see this. So I put him back into the crib but now stand there. He pulls himself by the side of the crib, puts one leg over the side, rolls his body and other leg over to the other side while tightly holding the rails and hangs so now his legs are dangling around 1 feet above the ground and finally jumps down. WOW!

This deserves an applause. But now I need to keep this in mind when the same episode will repeat in the middle of the night. I lovingly look at my athletic little baby and he glares back with hatred. He’s not done. Another round of vomiting happens. This time though there is real food coming out (the last round took care of the 8oz of milk!) Another frantic scramble to get him into the bathroom, but not till there are 3-4 places where salmon and lentils are displayed on the carpet.

I am afraid he will get dehydrated so I go down and get him a cold bottle of water. He follows me out, and is more disappointed when he sees me back – still with no milk. I p ut him back in the crib and tell him this is all he can have as the milk is over.

He goes into a rage, screaming away, shaking his head telling me he wants nothing to do with water; he now grabs hold of the bottle and flings it away. It bounces of f the crib headboard and lands by his feet. He again picks it up and flings in the other direction, but still cannot get it off the crib. This continues for another 10 mins or so.

He’s really getting tired now – eyes are red and the eyelids are laden with sleep. He can barely stand, so I force him down so now he’s horizontal. He doesn’t fight back. Doesn’t look like there much crying left in him. So I put the bottle to his mouth. Looks like he’s beyond caring. He drinks the water and then drops off exhausted to sleep in another 10 mins. He doesn’t even notice when I take the bottle off him. His night dress is a little dirty, but what the hell, it wouldn’t hurt him. I get down to cleaning the carpet the second time.

The episode lasts just more than an hour. Writing this takes another 45 mins, and is very therapeutic!

Now let’s see what the night has in store.


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